Wednesday, March 26, 2008

but before I get to Easter photos . . .

So, this year Kev and I decided to play rec league volleyball. Good exercise, something we can both do together, etc. We play on a team made up mostly of our homegroup friends with some additions now and again when they can come. It's only B league so it's not tooooo competitive but still fun. I took these photos during the first 2 games when I couldn't play because of my random wrist injury which is why I'm not in any of them. Just pretend you can see me, okay? Kev's in the gray shirt and black/white shorts:

This first game I kept the kids with me at the rec center but now that I'm playing they go to a babysitter. Josiah was completely engrossed in examining my camera bag:
And Gennie danced around on the sidelines cheering and yelling "Good hit, Babe," everytime I did.
Good times.

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