Thursday, August 7, 2008

josiah's got spots.

So, we have a cranky little guy on our hands. Last week he had his one-year-old checkup and got his chicken pox vaccine. Yesterday my friend Barb stopped by and noticed that he had quite a few little red dots on him and suggested that I look up vaccine reactions on WebMD. I'm really glad she did (Thanks, Dr. Barb!) because today he woke up covered in the spots and with a low-grade fever. From what I could get from WebMD, it's a reaction to the vaccine that mimicks the pox -- red spots and a fever -- and it can appear anywhere from immediately to a month after the vaccination. Yay.

You can only see a few in these photos (because the photos are so small) but believe me, they are everywhere. He hasn't been scratching much except his ears and besides the fever and crankiness he's been acting okay. He's been swinging between wanting to play with his sister and wanting to cuddle in my lap. I'm thankful he isn't itching because you can't really explain to a one-year-old that scratching is bad.

Still, being sick stinks.