Thursday, August 28, 2008

what a week.

So, here's what we've been up to and why I haven't blogged much:

1. Josiah has decided to defy all medical advances and still catch those pesky childhood diseases that are supposed to be on their way to eradication. This time it was Roseola. We thought he was just having a bad fever to go with the incoming of 3 molars and 2 eyeteeth all at the same time. Last Sat night his fever was 102.5 which apparently is higher than you're supposed to have with teething . . . WebMD says fevers don't come with teething . . . my kids say otherwise. We had him looked at and the nurse said that given the fever and the crazy red rash ALL OVER him that he contracted Roseola and that it just had to run its course. Now, there's comfort!

Looking at these photos you'd think he was having the time of his life . . . not the case. I've never seen him so grumpy and clingy and irritable and crying all at the same time. But by yesterday the rash was almost all gone and he was in a much better mood so I think we're past it.

2. I finished 2 of the baby shower gifts I mentioned before and gave them to the girls at the party Mon night. I love 'em.

Yeah, no pride here or anything. The top one was for a boy and the bottom was for a girl. I think I've finally got the hang of this rag quilt thing . . . God knows I've been practicing enough, right Kev?

3. I also got done some of the scrapping I wanted to do. First, a fabric album for some random fun photos I took with my sister in May:

Next, I did Josiah's joint birthday photos with Ethan. The theme was legos . . . in case you couldn't tell or forgot since the last time I mentioned it . . . so I made a lego.

I haven't seen anywhere a box that actually looked like a lego so I made this one from a square photo box that I painted and added the circles on the top . . . with Kev's help because I couldn't figure out how to get the corrugated part not to show . . . thank goodness for a guy's logical mind.

Then I did a layout that I've been saving for a while until I found just the right paper, etc. for it:

The stickers say stuff like Caught in the Act and Guilty and It Wasn't Me, etc. Couldn't resist. :)

Finally, because I'm done removing my daughter from my scrapbook stash and stealing back all the embellishments she pilfers, I made Gennie a scrapbook of her own:

I covered cardboard for the cover and put in cardstock for the pages and bound it together with my Bind-It-All machine. It's 8x8 so it's big enough to put photos in but no too big for her shelf. She loves to steal all the extra photos that I don't end up using and sticking them places . . . walls, kitchen table, front door, tucked into the chair rail at the trailer, etc. . . so now she has her own place to create. I promised she could go thru my sticker stash - WITH ME - and pick out ones she'd like along with some ribbon and buttons, etc. She was really excited to see it sitting at her place at the table when she got up from nap yesterday.

Anyway, that's been our week so far. Wanna trade? Yeah, me neither. :P

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