Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So, the spots are mostly gone, leaving just a few reddish places that hopefully won't scar. He was really good about not scratching and only had a few that caused him trouble. I took more photos of the bad ones but since I don't want his future wife to hate me for splashing naked photos of her man -- allbeit back when he was just a little guy -- all over the internet I didn't put them on here.

All that to say that life is returning to normal. I'm working like a fiend trying to get the rest of Katie and Joe's wedding portraits edited and ready for them . . . another sneak peek coming soon . . . and I've got another wedding coming up on the 23rd and senior shoots in between along with baby showers both here and in CA to get presents for and scrapping I want to do . . . the list goes on and on. And I love it. I think I'd be singing a different tune if I was working as well but since I'm "just a stay-at-home" mom (yeah, haven't just stayed home for months) I don't mind having such a list.

Now I'm off to one of the aforementioned senior shoots so I'll leave you with these of Josiah from the sidewalk chalk day. Toodle-ooo!

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Carolyn said...

anna2003Amy. I continue to enjoy your site with all the cute pictures of your kids, family and friends. How do you get everything done?
Continue to enjoy your children. Life goes by too fast and soon they're gone.