Sunday, August 3, 2008


So, Josiah turned one year old. My Uncle Carl and Aunt Sarah were out visiting just in time for his actual birthday and party so they came over with my parents for a taco bar lunch and cheesecake . . . and to watch him open presents and schmear cake all over himself. Thankfully he woke up that morning in a pretty good mood:

and kept checking the front door to see if they had arrived yet:

He tried to sneak into some of his presents while we were getting set up for pictures:

Of course his sister helped:

And he spent a little time tied up in one of the ribbons . . . they always like the wrapping better than the toy.

And then the cake! They don't sell smasher cakes here anymore . . . they did for Gennie's 1st birthday but stopped now . . . so I got him a cake slice and it had this ugly pink rosette on it so I asked the bakery lady if she had anything blue instead. She scraped off the rosette and spray painted the blue on it and added the confetti . . . much better!

Then into the bath. He was clean and asleep on my shoulder within 15 minutes. Just goes to show ya . . . give them ENOUGH sugar and it won't keep them up -- it will make them crash! I know he won't have any memory of this day and the fun he had but that's why I take pictures.
Happy Birthday, Bud! Here's to many, many more!

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