Friday, August 22, 2008

"you can't ride in my little red wagon . . . "

Well, actually you can. The kids got a wagon from some friends at homegroup this week and they love it! Dave and Lu had the wagon when their kids were little . . . now one is in college and the other is in HS . . . so Dave decided to fix it up and give it to Gennie and Josiah. He repainted it and added their names in sparkly blue paint . . . but this photo is going on our LR wall printed huge so I took the names off in photoshop for now. They LOVE it! Lu told Gennie she had to practice pulling her stuffed buddies in it first before she could try pulling her brother so she spent last Saturday running around on the front grass dragging her buddies at high speed. Then I let her loose yesterday so I could take some photos . . . with my mom close at hand in case Josiah decided to crawl out in mid-ride. She was very careful with him and he had a blast. He had picked up a rock somewhere . . . so, yeah, my kid is going to be the one who has to empty his pockets BEFORE entering the house, no exceptions . . . and started banging it on the wagon sides, yelling at the top of his lungs. Awesome!

Thanks, Dave and Lu!

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The Washburns said...

oh my that is adorable