Friday, August 29, 2008

I've always thought them a nasty, temperamental beast but I must admit I love their personal color scheme.

So, ever since we met Kev has thought I have a problem with always jumping to the most extreme conclusion.

Back story: We were driving in downtown Redding one night and this ambulance flew past us and stopped at one of the dive hotels right near where we were stopped at a stoplight. I mumbled something about hoping it wasn't a knifing. He burst out laughing at me and said, "Of course you'd go straight there, because it couldn't just be an elderly person having breathing trouble or chest pains. No, you go straight to gang fights and knifing." Not 5 minutes later, once we got our green light, we drove past a person walking down Market St. with a considerable limp on one side. I said, "Oh, that poor person probably has Cerebral Palsy." Again, uncontrollable laughter ensued. (Now, I knew a guy in HS with cp and he had the characteristic limp on one side just like this lady so I did have a reason for saying that one.) And ever since that night, when I make a statement reflecting the worst possible situation, Kev brings back the "Oh, was it a knifing? Maybe a cp victim did it!" Turkey.

Last night, Josiah had a hard time going to sleep. His nose was running and he kept whimpering and fussing. Kev said maybe it was still from his teeth coming in since he's working on 2 more eyeteeth. I said, "Yeah, but with this kid's luck it's probably something like the Croup or Pneumonia." Out came the "knifing by a cp victim".

Okay, so maybe I shouldn't look for the most extreme, worst-case-possible conclusion. In the words of Dr. Perry Cox from tv's SCRUBS:

"Do you know what a zebra is, Newby? It's a perfectly common disease that happens to be presenting with uncommon symptoms. As in, if you hear hoofbeats, you just go ahead and think horseys, not zebras. Mmm-kay there, Mr. Cuddly-bear?"

See, you CAN better youself with television.

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