Tuesday, September 23, 2008


1. Josiah has had just as much fun with that kitchen set as Gennie has. His fav game these days has been to take the smaller foods and hide them in fun places around the rest of the house. The other day I had to move a hotdog bun off the toilet lid, Kev found a shrimp and a doughnut in the shower, and Maggie doesn't understand the chicken legs left in her bowl. Can you find the french fry?

2. Finished a layout about that first day of preschool this year. Journaling reads:

I just don't get it.
Mom said we have to take Gennie to preschool today but why didn't she get back in the car with us? I tried really hard not to cry but when we got back in the van she wasn't in her seat and I couldn't help it. Mom said we could go to McDonald's for hashbrowns to cheer us up - and it worked for a while. But I just don't get it - when will she come back?

Gennie got all teary when I read it to her when I was finished. I think they kinda like each other or something. :)

3. Made another doll. I've been messing with the pattern to see if I could make it a little easier to sew around the neck, etc., and came up with this little guy. His name is Henry and he's in his jammies and has his blankie for bedtime. Gennie and Josiah often argue about whose he is. I think I like him best so far. And yes, his jammies have cavemen on them, carrying off the nearest cave-hottie and lifting prehistoric weights. 4. Got to scrap with my kiddo. I was working on a new minibook and she wanted to do some in the scrapbook I made her so I printed off some photos of her in her new pool last summer and she had a blast with the stickiness. Start 'em young, I say!

She wanted to take a photo of me, too. Wahoo.

My arm is too short for this kind of shot. Kev does it better, what with his gigantic wingspan.

Just a few things we've been doing lately.

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