Friday, September 5, 2008

sniff .... sniff .... and she's off.

So, this has been the scene at our front door for the last week . . . ready for preschool. She's had that backpack packed and ready for days and all that's in it is a spare set of clothes in case she spills on herself.

And of course, the carefully-chosen first-day outfit. She just got the shirt and went thru her whole dresser for something to go with it. Quite the stylista, isn't she?!

Parents have to walk the kids down the stairs and check them into the school for safety so I was expecting the possibility of a little breakdown from being nervous but she walked right in, put her coat and backpack in her cubby, threw a "Hello, Ms. Suzy" to the teacher and the playing commensed. Her "best school friend" Hailie was there already and they ran off to play in the house. A "Bye Mom" later and the school year began. Sniff . . . .

We had a few tears . . . from Josiah, actually, not mom or Gennie . . . he didn't understand why she didn't come back to the car with us. But a McDonald's run for hashbrowns fixed that right up.
And thus beginneth the 2008 school year in our house. I'm trying not to think about it.

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