Tuesday, September 16, 2008

with a nod to easter island. . .

So, while I could really enjoy a road trip (and airplane ride) these days, we didn't really travel all the way to see these in their natural habitat. Western Wyo Comm College, in an effort to try and add culture and world view to our little corner of the world, has built a few of these tikis on their campus in RS. Kev had to take finals this week so the kids and I went with him to get out of the house. He went inside to take the test and we stayed out in the beautiful sunshine and rolled in the grass at the feet of this guy. Gennie was too scared to venture close, but had no problem shoving her brother in for a closer look:
He wasn't impressed. She decided it was more fun to do as many summersaults as she could in a row and to run around screaming at the top of her lungs . . . the latter much appreciated by the students in their classes, I'm sure. By the time we left, Josiah had gotten up the nerve to get this close:
and talk to the big stone guy. They had quite the conversation.

Maybe next time we'll go in and see the dinosaur exhibit.

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