Wednesday, September 3, 2008

conclusions you can draw from these photos.....

1. We have incredible friends. Avah got one of these kitchen things for her birthday last month and then she got another from her neighbors so they shared this one with us! My sister Krista and I ALWAYS wanted one when we were kids but never got one so when Kendra asked if we wanted this for Gennie I jumped at it. No one will know if I sneak in and play with it while the fam sleeps . . . Kev doesn't understand the whole "play food/kitchen" thing. He feels that if you're going to spend half the day in the kitchen you should have something edible to show for it.
2. Yes, we're in long sleeves and pants/sweats, etc. It's been in the 30's in the mornings and Kev had to scrape the windows to go to work these last few mornings. We finally broke down and turned on the furnace . . . love me some heater-rot smell . . . and we're having a chimney sweep come to check out the pellet stove. The kids have been sleeping under 2 blankets each. I love fall but this one seems to be coming upon us too quickly. Good-bye summer!
3. We're teaching them about chores early. Josiah hasn't left the sink in this thing since it arrived last night.
4. Our daughter is 4 years old going on 14, with the phone and the attitude. Apparently I'm not very nice to the telemarketers who still squeak thru even though we're on the Do Not Call list. Some of her conversations are quite spirited and, ahem, colorful (without obsenities, of course). . . wonder where she's learned it?
5. Josiah had quite a time at the park yesterday. He fell down twice and both times scrubbed his face on the cement. He's still wobbly when it comes to sloping sidewalk and he lost his balance and face-planted, butt in the air and everything. I thought it was just on the top of his nose but today the scrapes showed up on his eyelids, forehead, upper lip and chin. It didn't look this bad at the time but he's a mess today. Thankfully he didn't lose any teeth.

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