Friday, August 31, 2007

Aspiring poets, Unite!

Okay, I found it. Written during a slow day in the Admissions office at Simpson College back in 1999. We went around the room and each had to contribute a line.

A Summer in the United Arab Emirites
by Erin P, Eric B, Amy M, Ruth S, and Andrea B

The zither drones lightly across the plain
And breaks the peace like shattered rain
It fills my soul with great disdain
And causes my heart to ache and wane
Provoking the moon to sob in pain.

If only I could stay here more!
Hidden from hoary heads galore!
I'd immerse by brain in old folklore
And twist and turn behind this gloaming door.
I'd worry and burn and fret no more
At the zither's dreadful roar!

Just goes to show that college people will take any opportunity to show off their million dollar education. And $10 words. Funny, I should do more of this. Any excuse to use that huge Thesaurus I got for HS grad.


Jered said...

I have a really hard time I wasn't involved in that poem.

Bella said...

Hilarious! I remember this....I think I can actually figure out which parts were written by RUTH...with her quirky sense of humor! That is awesome that you still have the poem! Ah, memories!

Jered said...

We're kind of famous. I threw out Ruth's "SMURFS" in an email poetry thread with a coworker, and she then posted it on her blog: