Friday, August 10, 2007

first photo shoot

Had to take a minute . . . well, about 30 mins . . . yesterday to take his first portraits. Kev was home for lunch and was laughing at me because he didn't think the kid would sleep thru for me to get all the shots. Ha! By the time he left to go back to work I was done . . . and had 74 photos to choose from! Kev says the kid doesn't stand a chance . . . by the time he goes to school he'll be so sick of having his picture taken! Now I just have to decide which one I want to be his birth announcement, although I think I'll take a few more tomorrow while we do Gennie's 3 1/2 year portraits. He has a special little peasoup shirt that my mom found that would be perfect for the occasion. I wasn't into baby portraits when we had Gennie so I don't have many like this from her first few weeks . . . I didn't start doing her portraits until 2 months old. But already he is looking like her, just much smaller.
Don't worry Nana . . . and everyone else . . . these will make their way in printed form to you all in the next few weeks! Hope you like them!


Bella said...

I realized that I made comment about this post on another post. I don't know how that happened. Anyhoo---the comment left under "The Boys" post is suppose to be for this one.
Silly me!
SO, you wanna come to Redding in December and take some pics of our new little one? Ha ha! You could visit your sister too! (smile)

alliehoopes said...

Cute cute baby pictures :)