Thursday, August 2, 2007

more Josiah photos

I've been trying to get these photos to load for 3 days now. I was trying to add them to the previous post but gave up on that because this computer is so darn slow I'll just post them now.

The little guy slept really well, considering, the first 2 nights home but has really given that up now. We're trying to get used to the fact that Kev has to go back to work next week so I've been staying up with Josiah mostly. Kev gets up to get the bottles and diapers, etc, but then falls back asleep while he eats . . . I totally appreciate his help and can't blame him for sleeping because I would be doing the same if the positions were reversed. Last night Josiah was awake almost the ENTIRE night . . . I slept between 3am and 4am and that was it. Grrrrrr. Then at 6am just as the light was coming into our room he fell asleep and slept for 3 straight hours . . . just in time for Gennie to be getting up. I think his bio clock is just mixed up . . . can't wait to get it right! We have him in a bassinet in our room for convenience right now, at lease until he is sleeping thru the night. Gennie did at 3 months so hopefully he'll be that kind to us, too.

Okay, so no photos this time. Something is wrong with blogger right now and it won't post photos for us. Rahhhhh. More to come once I get this figured out.

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