Friday, August 24, 2007

Josiah's dedication visit

Sorry there hasn't been anything from me in a week or so. Kev's dad and Marilyn and grandparents were here visiting to see Josiah and attend his dedication service at church. We had a great visit, and hope they did too, and we got show them all around WY . . . at least our little corner of it.

They brought "big sister" gifts for Gennie including some handmade quiltings from Grandma and a Cabbage Patch Doll . . . one of the originals from 1968 . . . and a Dora the Explorer Fairy Carriage.

Josiah never had to be put in his swing . . . there were open arms all over the room!

Grandpa's birthday was during their visit so we all went to Cruel Jack's for a "meat and potatoes" dinner. He couldn't get over how big the portions were and ended up sharing his birthday cake with everyone.
My dad got to do the dedication for Josiah like he did for Gennie. Thankfully he was only 3 weeks old and didn't honk Grandaddy's nose in the middle of the prayer like she did at 5 months.

We had a bbq at my parents' house after the dedication service and made Buffalo Burgers and Kronsky's for everyone. A big hit! Had to take a few pix of the whole fam for Josiah's scrapbook, of course.

We had to get a "Four Generations of Anderson Men" photo while we had them all together. We hadn't seen Grandma and Grandpa since Gennie was 3 weeks old and we moved here from CA. Another great scrapbook page in the making.

Then we took a drive out to the Gorge and had a picnic by the Red Canyon overlook. It was a beautiful day so we took Maggie too and let her run about chasing the lizards and rabbits. Fabulous week!

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