Saturday, August 25, 2007

Going rate for impatience -- $190

Ever do something completely innocent and wind up having to pay a pretty penny for it? That's how I finished my day yesterday. Here's the backstory . . . because there always is one -

Because I knew I'd be having a c-section again, I took off my wedding ring back in April, when I could still get it over my swollen knuckle, so they didn't have to cut it off in the OR. They use cauterizing (sp?) instruments and didn't want me to spark and catch fire on the operating table. I didn't want them to remove the ring because they aren't interested in saving the piece, just getting it done and I didn't want it all mangled. So, I haven't worn my ring since then. I gave it to Kev to put away in his dresser so I didn't lose it in with my costume stuff.

Fastforward to yesterday. Kev came home from work and asked if I'd tried the ring to see if my hands have shrunk back down so I could wear it again. I said no so he got it out and I tried it. It slid on almost all the way so of course I pushed it the last 1/2 inch onto my finger. Wahoo, I got it back on! Then I noticed that I was feeling my pulse pretty good in that finger and the skin was starting to look like link sausage. I tried to back it off but it wouldn't go. My parents were coming to supper so I just left it on and tried not to think about it while I got supper ready. By the time they arrived I couldn't stand it anymore so Kev got out the vaseline and slathered it all over my finger and tried to pull the ring off but it felt like he was taking the knuckle and all. I stuck my hand in the freezer, up against the fan in the back where the air comes out, but that just made my arm hurt and wasted the electricity to run the fan. I tried an ice pack wrapped around the whole finger but that was starting to burn my hand so I gave up on that. I finally couldn't take it anymore so I called a jeweler in the mall to find out if they had the ring cutter. My dad took me up there and they cut the ring off. What a horrible sight . . . not only did he have to cut thru both bands of my beautiful ring which is a solitare and a wrap soldered together but he then had to bend the two cut ends almost straight up to pry it off. I should have taken pix of the ring for posterity but I forgot my camera and the ring guy didn't have a polaroid or camera phone or anything. My dad pointed out that it was probably a good thing that I didn't have lasting proof of what had to be done because Kev would NOT have been happy to see it. So, all I have is this photo of my finger, post-release, and today the bruised knuckle and redness that is left over. And it still feels like a sausage. Oh yeah, the cost to have the ring sized and put back together so I can wear it -- $190. I guess I should have just waited a few more weeks before trying it on. I think I would have had to have it sized anyways but at least we would have known about the expense and it wouldn't have been necessary immediately. Grrrrrr!

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