Tuesday, August 7, 2007

swings and softball

Here's a few pix from this last week while Kev's mom and stepdad were here. Gennie got a new swingset from some friends at church . . . well, again, new to her . . . and Pat helped Kev get it put together so she could play on it while they were here. Then on Tues nite we all went to the last softball game of the season for our team. Josiah was truly impressed as you can see. The wind came up worse than ever this summer and we all got sand-blasted but he was comfy under his blanket. I was really worried about him getting an earache but it seems he made it thru unscathed. Everyone thought we were crazy for taking him out at only 5 days old but I was soooo tired of sitting at home "recovering" . . . read, "sitting on my butt" . . . that I had to get out of the house. Plus, I didn't want to miss Kev's last game of the year. Now we inly have to wait for Mother's Day next year for the softball season to start again!

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