Thursday, August 16, 2007

Portrait Saturday

Last Sat we took the kids to the "blue park" (because of the blue play equipment) to do Gennie's 3.5 year old portraits. Kev hardly complained at all . . . I was so proud of him! He usually give me such crap about doing pictures so often . . . yeah, often, or every 6 months . . . so I usually try to just take Gennie and do it myself but since I can't drive again yet I needed him. I didn't want to wait any longer to do it because they are already late but having a baby kinda throws everything off.

She did all of her own posing . . . apparently she's been on a few shoots with me . . . and had a pretty good time, although it got hot the longer we were out there and she started the crankiness toward the end. Then she decided she needed a treat for being so cooperative for me and announced that we were going to "Old McDonald's" for lunch . . . she doesn't know the difference between the restaurant and the kindly old farmer with overwhelming animal noise on his farm.

My two faves are the top two so most family will get those in one size or another. She doesn't look like a toddler anymore . . . she looks like a little girl and it's killing me!

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Jered said...

What a cutie! Now where did she learn to smile like that, hmmm?

I hear you'll all be in Redding sometime later this year.