Friday, November 2, 2007

National Blog Posting Month

So, I decided to follow my friends and join the challenge of blog posting every day this month. But to keep from boring you with photos of the kids only, I won't just talk about them.

Funny tho, this post actually begins with a photo of Josiah:

So, I think one of the funniest things in the whole wide world is the sneeze. Think about it . . . everyone sneezes . . . from the smallest baby to the most sophisticated grown-up . . . and there's nothing you can do about it. You lose complete control of your face and sometimes saliva, you have to completely stop talking, the urge overtakes you. It is said that it's physically impossible for you to sneeze with your eyes open . . . that if you could your eyes would pop out of your head . . . I'm sure there are those who have tried and you don't really hear about eyes popping out of heads that often . . . so I don't know if I believe that part.

One of our family's favorite actors-of-yore, Red Skelton, did a whole bit about sneezes. Here's two of my favorites:

The candy bar sneeze: HEEERRRSHEEEYYY
The Inquisitive sneeze: WHOOOO'SSSSHE???

The rest you have to see his face to do it but the Truckdriver's sneeze blows his shoes off. Really funny. Another of my favorite actors is Dick Van Dyke. That's another post for another time but he also did a bit about a sneeze that took almost 5 minutes to manifest itself and ran him all over the house looking for a kleenex.

Hooray for the sneeze! May it continue to bring me hours of laughter!

Edited to add: As soon as I got this posted and got up, I was attacked by a Vesuvius-sized sneeze that made Josiah cry. Go sneezes!


Jered said...

Hey I think you can still join today ... as long as you've posted every day (which you have :) ).

Bella said...


Ya know, I think marriage can evolve our personalities, I can see why Kev's DISC changed....I mean I could be a total C now. Okay, maybe not...but, I really have OCD while pregnant and being a mother. It just happened.
I wonder what our kids will be?