Thursday, November 1, 2007

happy halloween!

So, here's a taste of our halloween. We're not really big into all the decorations and stuff . . . would rather take the time for Christmas stuff instead . . . but we do dress up the kids and take them trick-or-treating and every year we go to a party at our friend Barb's house where we decorate pumpkin cookies and stuff. And because I love candy corn, my mom got me these this year:
Couldn't wait to put them on. This year since we now have two to dress up, they went as Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato from VeggieTales. I figured this would be the only year he would be small and round enough to pull off a tomato.
And yes, I got Kev to dress up, too. And boy, did I get in trouble for bringing that Broncos jersey into the house! "This is a Niners house only! What are you thinking!" Which was exactly the reaction I was expecting, but since you can't get any other teams here it had to do. We met up with our friends at Barb's then went out for candy. The girls . . . Larry and Cinderella:The boys . . . Bob and a CUUUTE monkey:

The boys were born 3 days apart, Josiah on a Thurs and Ethan on Sunday. So far they haven't really paid much attention to each other but they did look each other in the eye last week.

Anyway, then we went out to get the candy.

And then, back to make the cookies. And by then, Bob was done. Hope yours was fun, too!

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