Thursday, November 8, 2007

Shout-out to my dad!

So, my parents are in Africa. They went over to Conakry, Guinea, as part of a missions work team to repair the missionary guest house on the compound where my mom's sister Cathy lives and works. My uncle Carl went also and he and dad have been working like crazy patching up the vent holes in the guestrooms with cement blocks and well, cement.
My mom has been busy doing the laundry . . . the team brought with them a bunch of stuff to outfit the guesthouse and all the new linens have to be rinsed before they are used. What a pile of laundry:

Anyway, the shout-out is because today is his Birthday!!! 57 years young! The team had planned a day off so they could do a little sightseeing but because the islands are so crowded on the weekends they decided to go today . . . and also as a birthday gift for him. When they get back tonite they are going to have brownies . . . which they brought in their suitcases . . . the mix, I mean . . . for birthday dessert. He's not much of a frosting guy so cake is kinda wasted on him.

(We'll celebrate when you get home, Daddy. Gennie has stuff planned that she wants to get for presents . . . but I convinced her you wouldn't really like dolls, that you're more of a sports guy. You're welcome.)

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

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eagleton4 said...

Awwww, these pics make me homesick! I grew up in Guinea!
Happy Birthday to your dad & I'm sure their help is so appreciated out there!