Saturday, November 3, 2007

yeah for us!

So, 4 weeks ago we decided to start this program:

We bought the materials on eBay for way cheaper than the infomercial . . . speaking of, when you are up twice a nite feeding a newborn and most of your cable channels cut out at midnight and the only thing left to watch is the TV Guide scrolling channel, you see all sorts of things for sale. Anyway, we decided that we both needed to do it so we got the stuff. It's not a fad diet like we were first worried . . . actually it's a complete change in diet and eating habits. For instance, for my body type and weight history (all the way back to high school, etc.) I should be eating 6 times a day, but in regulated portions . . . not just free-for-all. I get protein and fruits at certain times and protien, fruit, and carbs at other times. Most importantly, you are not allowed to skip meals . . . you MUST eat the midmorning and midafternoon snacks as well as the regularly scheduled B, L, D. And you get an evening snack if you want it. And the portion sizes are the size that we are supposed to be consuming . . . I get 3oz of protein and 1/2 cup fruit for breakfast and midmorning snack, 3oz protein, 3/4 cup carbs and 1/2 cup veggie for lunch, 3oz protein and 3/4 cup carbs for midafternoon snack and the same as lunch for supper. Sounds bad, right? Well, 3/4 cup carbs is about a medium potato and 3oz protein is about as big as my fist and really we can have all the veggies and fruit (specific ones) that we want. Funny thing is that we have been getting full eating like this even tho it's sooooo different than what we did before.

In the 4 weeks I've lost 10lbs . . . would be more if I really liked the excercising but I'm holding my own . . . and Kev's lost 14lbs. Not too bad considering he was sick with a cold for a week in there and didn't excercise at all. But beyond the number is the fact that our clothes are fitting better these days and we feel better health-wise. And we are determined not to go back to our bad eating habits once we've reached our goals . . . it'll help make sure the kids are eating correctly, too. We still splurge one meal a week when we go out to Sunday lunch with my parents after church, but overall we stick to the plan.

The only complaint Kev has is that with both of our body types we are no longer allowed to eat red meat or pork. Red meat takes too long for us to metabolize and doesn't process correctly for us. So it's all turkey and chicken breast . . . and yes, turkey burger tastes exactly the same as ground beef when it's in something . . . wouldn't you all like to know what I've brought to homegroup or fed you while visiting that wasn't really beef?!?! Hee Hee. Kev says that he'll still sneak in a steak from time to time but I'm sneaking Dr. Pepper so I can't really rag him for it.

So, if you see us at church discreetly eating sliced deli turkey and bananas in the nursery, now you know what we're up to.

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