Friday, July 18, 2008

11 months

So, this beautiful . . . ahem, I mean handsome . . . little guy is 11 months old. Actually, his birthday is next Sat so I figured I'd better say something about this last month of infantcy (sp?) before he's not a baby anymore.

What he's up to:
- walking like crazy. No longer interested in crawling much unless he has fallen down 3 times consecutively and decides it's easier to get there by crawling. I'll post photos of the walking later.
- into everything. We don't have the baby locks up yet so I'm constantly closing cupboards and removing him from the trash can, etc.
- loves the steamer basket. He discovered it once when he was unorganizing my pots and pans cupboard and daily goes back to it to pull it out and open it up.
- sleeps really well again. We had a bit of time there that he was up again several times in the night but he's back to sleeping until 10am or so. Thank God.
- eats just about anything but chokes a lot. We're not sure why he's still choking on foods . . . maybe he just hasn't gotten the hang of mashing stuff up yet . . . but we have to be careful what snacks he gets and how many he stuffs in his mouth at a time. He's eating 2 or so jars of the #2 foods at each meal and still loves the rice cereal.
- has mastered the sippy cup. He does better when they have handles on each side but will take just about anything. Grandaddy taught him to drink from the fountain at church . . . drinking fountain, not aesthetic fountain . . . so most Sundays he's drenched before the service . . . Josiah, not my dad . . . but has a great time!

This week we have his joint b'day party with Ethan and his family party both coming up so be ready for tons of photos! Love me the cake-schmeared-from-ear-to-ear birthday photos!

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