Monday, July 14, 2008

the scariest paper I've ever signed.

So, we're homeowners! Insert triumphant music here. The whole thing went relatively smoothly . . . well, we don't really have anything to compare it to . . . aside from the last minute drama of "the bank appraiser is not going to release funding to the seller until the things he wants done are completed and we gave the seller a whole month to complete them so why aren't they done yet?" We got this phone call about 2 hours before we were scheduled to be at the title company for our paper signing. None of it was our work to do but the seller wouldn't give us the keys before he got the money and we were on a tight schedule between getting the new place painted and ready to move in and the trailer cleaned out and turned back to the Park people so we didn't have to pay much rent for July. God took over, tho, and after several, ahem, stern phone calls to our agent and Kev offering to fix the stuff himself and an additional $175 we shouldn't have had to pay all was well and the appraiser released funding and we went ahead and signed. Ridiculous amounts of paper, I must say. I haven't signed my name that much since I was a case worker for the Welfare Dept in CA. God Bless America and it's "paperless society". Yeah right.

All that to say, we're now the proud owners of a nice little chunk of Green River, WY. :)


Katrina said...

Yay! Congrats! =)

Jered said...

Well, you will be in about 30 years, right? :)

When we owned our home in Texas, we liked to pick out blades of grass and kitchen tiles that we actually owned (as a percentage of the principle paid down).

Seriously, though, congratulations. I'll always remember the first time we walked into the house we had just purchased.