Tuesday, July 15, 2008

down with creative constipation!

So, this is my dining room table today . . . yay, I have a dining room! Josiah and his best friend Ethan. . . best friends by default because they are only 3 days apart . . . I think I've posted about them before . . . are having a joint birthday party for our homegroup friends coming up next week so I'm making invites for everyone. I ran out of glue dots, tho, so I'll be handing the last little bit off to Ethan's mom Valerie to finish . . . yes, she offered . . . no, I'm not so mean as to just assume she'd finish them because I don't want to run to the store for more glue dots.

Anyway, I love it when my table looks like this. Sometimes I get so bogged down with all the photos I want to scrap that it just overwhelms me and I sit on the floor next to my computer in the fetal position until Kev comes home and tells me to get up already, it's just scrapbooking. (I know he sounds mean but he really doesn't mind that I LOVE to scrap. He just really likes to tease me about it because he says it's just another ridiculously involved way to look at photos and couldn't we just keep them in files on the computer? I remind him it keeps me off the streets.) Then there's sometimes when I get a project going and the inspiration is there and all the pieces are in place . . . except when I run out of glue dots . . . and the kids take super-long naps and everything clicks and I can get a project finished. No designer's block, nothing to hold me back. I love it! Best days ever!

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