Thursday, July 24, 2008


So, the boys had their birthday party last night. It was a blast!

They each got lots of loot, but my photos of Ethan opening his presents turned out crazy blurry - I'm sure Val got way better ones of him. Val, Shannon and Jolene made the Lego cake for them and after we had all gotten a piece we stripped them down and let them loose. We're both planning to do the individual cakes for their family parties on their actual birthdays but we couldn't resist the photo op.

They loved it! After they had a nice sugar buzz going we dumped them in the kitchen sink to rinse off for the ride home. (photos coming) The water was a great shade of grass green - I hope it doesn't stain Lu's sink forever. :)
Happy Birthday, guys!

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Katrina said...

how fun! Love the cake, very creative! looks like the boys had fun tearing into it!