Monday, July 14, 2008

and here's one for the grandparents . . .

So, I forgot to tell you about Gennie's adventure during painting week. Tues and Thurs nights of this summer Kev plays on the church softball team. We got finished at the house just in time to run out the door to the game and I didn't put any bug spray on Gennie before we left. Check this out:

This was actually the next morning when she woke up. She had been bitten and my mom smacked the mosquito in mid-bite so we didn't think anything about it until she got out of bed and came into our room looking like this. I swear, we thought it was someone else's kid. She didn't look like Gennie AT ALL! It was actually two bites, where the arrows are, and they both swelled up so bad that both eyes took a turn at being shut. I took her in to the dr's on Thurs morning because it just wasn't going down at all even with Benedryl and ice packs and cold washrags. The dr said yes it was a mosquito and would go down eventually and put bug spray on her next time and that'll be $85 thank you. He said that the bug bites were unusually bad this year and he'd seen a bunch of kids looking like her whose moms had brought them in to get checked out. And something about the skin on your forehead being attached so close to your skull that there's really no place for swelling to go so it heads south into your eyelids and the bridge of your nose. Whatever. She looked like Quasimodo.

By Sat. she was looking better . . . still not right but better . . . and more like she'd been in a car accident. The swelling finally went away and left two huge red bruises under her eyes that finally went away this weekend. She kept asking, "do I look like Gennie yet?" We felt so bad for her, especially when she kept running into things and tripping on steps because her eyes were swollen shut and her balance was off. {We also laughed at her a lot when she'd bump into things, but not to her face. :) }

But now she's back to her usual Gennie self!

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Bella @ Lil Daisies said...

Hey that is me as a child!
I COMPLETELY understand her suffering. I used to swell up like that. Mosquitos, spiders in the night... You should of seen me when I got stung by a bee.

Are you sure she didn't get hit by the ball?