Monday, July 14, 2008

moving day

So, the mandatory Moving Day Doughnuts.
Funny thing, that was the only photo I took that day. I had high hopes of taking photos during the process but once we got started it was all such a rush that I didn't think again about it. I know, I know, Amy without a camera? Oh, the shock and disbelief! But I think if I had stopped carting stuff and shouting directions the people who were carrying the heavy stuff would probably have stomped me into the floor. We had a bunch of friends from church come over and move the stuff . . . which we have waaaaay too much of for only being married 8 years . . . and the ladies stayed in the new place and put my kitchen together for me. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who came on moving day, too!!! A bunch of us went to the Brewing Co. in RS afterwards for supper. They all look normal but we look exhaused, probably because Kev and I stayed up until 1:30am the night before trying to throw the last stuff in whatever box was still laying around open. (We did take a short break to watch the pathetic GR fireworks . . . quite the disappointment this year . . . and found out that after 4 1/2 years of living there we never knew we had THE BEST spot for watching the fireworks on our front grass. We always went out to the street where most of the rest of GR went for watching and sat in the car because of the mosquitos. During the show this little Australian Shepherd dog came and refused to leave our porch. She was terrified of the noise and had gotten out of her own yard and got confused and insisted on huddling on our porch. We thought we had gotten rid of her after the fireworks stopped but she was there again the next day and we had to chain her to the fence to keep her out of the way of moving stuff. Then in the afternoon I let her off the chain and she loped off down the street without so much as a backwards glance. There's gratitude for you!)
Anyway, here we are at the brewery:
And no, the girls did not have beers, they had sprite. :)

Kev looks crazy tired, and I did too.
Sorry about the crappy photo quality. All I had was my camera phone and it does an okay job if you only want to see an impressionist's rendition of what was happening. And if you like your skin colors tinted red.
We spent that night at the new house and it was fabulous, once we got used to the new creaks and sounds and convinced Gennie that the baby gate across the stairs would in fact keep downstairs any bad guys who came in thru that staircase in the basement.

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