Monday, July 14, 2008

oh my gosh, if I never see another paint can in my life . . .

So, we started painting. Our awesome friends Karl and Jolene came to help us for Tues and Wed . . . they are pro painters in the summers and had tips and equipment, etc . . . and my parents and Aunt Cathy came so we had lots of people to help for those two days.

As you can see, we all took a turn in Josiah's room and it took a TON of paint to cover that hideous orange. We ran out of blue before we finished his closet but we didn't have time to get more on a paint run so we've just left it for now. Eventually it will get done . . . who am I kidding? . . . it so won't get done . . . but at least you can't see it inside the closet.

Josiah spent most of the time in his pen and was not happy about it. Baby jail indeed. He won't go in there for very long now, but I can't blame the kid.

I got picked to tackle the nasty wallpaper border in the kitchen. Never again will I deal with that stuff. I wouldn't even bless an enemy with it. Yuck. Gennie spent the 2 days pestering everyone with "I can help!! Really I can!" until finally I couldn't take any more so I gave her a brush and let her loose on the orange walls. She had a blast painting faces and letters and was crushed to find out we were going to cover over it. I took lots of photos of it for her. The second day Karl and Jolene started priming the awful downstairs paneling. No more Keebler elves. It took them most of that day, then my dad came over and got the fantastic job of painting it. (the left side is painted and the right side is primer in this photo.)

A huge thank you goes out to everyone for all the help painting and getting the place ready for us to move in. It was a ton of work but it went together quickly with so many people to work on it. Thanks, guys!! :)

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