Tuesday, January 5, 2010

6 years already

So, for G's 6th birthday we were in CA so her Nana and Auntie Denise found this great place called Go Bananas! It is a warehouse completely filled with inflatable bounce-houses and slides and obstacle courses. They couldn't have found a better place for her - she kept saying over and over "Mom, this is the birthday best place ever!!"
There was a special play place for the toddlers so the boys had a ton of fun in the ball pit and the mini bouncy area. But soon J ventured out to the bigger slides and then we couldn't pry him away:

Tristan was sooo cute going down with his daddy . . . that smile was perfect!

Then J decided it was time to do it himself - no more sister's help.

After all the bouncing was done . . . J couldn't walk by the time we left; he was so bone tired . . . we went to mexican food for supper and home for showers and bedtime. They all slept in crazy late the next day so the adults did too.
Happy 6th Birthday, Gennie Beans. We love you so much!


Jenny said...

Happy Birthday Gennie! Looks like such a fun party!

sinkthis said...

What a beautiful little lady! I can't say it enough... time flies by so fast! Happy Birthday Gennie. What a fun place to celebrate!