Thursday, January 21, 2010

etsy shop update

So, I've been working like mad to update my Etsy shop . . . at or click the link at the right marked "spicytuesday" . . . that's my shop name . . . and I finally finished all the blankets I had started! Yay, me!
All of these are kid-tested . . . my kids and several of their friends have their own versions of each except the ladybug (it's a One-Of-A-Kind, unless someone requests it again) . . . and approved. G sleeps with her watermelon every night and wraps up in it especially when she's sick - it's the only one she asks for. I have to admit that the watermelon on here is my favorite but I can't keep them all so hopefully someone will come along and love it as much as I do.
If you need something for a gift or whatever, let me know! Or go visit my etsy shop and check out the other photos of each!

1 comment:

The Bundy's said...

What if I have a girl? I know, I know don't hold your breath. BUT if I ever do have one I'm requesting a Lady Bug blanket ;)