Wednesday, January 20, 2010

shortcake goodness

So, say hello to the happiest girl ever. My mom was recently cleaning out her linens and found the Strawberry Shortcake sheets that I used to have on my bed when I was little. I hate to admit that they are now considered "vintage" on eBay . . . I looked them up to see if other original strawberry shortcake stuff was out there and found them listed for WAY more than they cost when they first came out . . . and I'm just not willing to own up to my age, folks. I LOVED those sheets when I was a kid and insisted that my mom wash them immediately and put them directly back on my bed while they were still warm from the dryer, which is why I'm really amazed they are still in such good condition and not completely threadbare!
For Christmas and her birthday G got several Strawberry Shortcake dolls and keeps them lined up on her bed, at arms reach at all times.

Now she can spend each night wrapped in strawberry goodness just like I did.
Funny, the sheets smell like vanilla . . . from the candle my mom kept in the linen closet. Between that and the strawberry scent from the dolls, I envy her dreams!
Come quickly, stawberry season!

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