Monday, January 4, 2010

one little word

So, recently I was reading a fav blog of mine and the writer is starting year 4 of what she refers to as the One Little Word "program." Each year she has chosen a single word to claim as her own for the year; a word to remember for the year, that stands for the goals she wants to achieve and focus on. I decided that I'd like to have one little word for this year and this is what I chose:

I'd like to work on being content - with money, with where we are and what we have, with myself and my quirks (except, of course, the things I should be working on to change), just overall contentment.

We'll have to see how this goes - I'm not known for my resolution-keeping abilities - but I'd really like to stick with the idea of being content. We are so blessed with all that the Lord has given us and I really need to actively notice this and thank Him for it instead of plotting how I can get more.

And at the very, very least, maybe this one little word will help me dwindle my scrapbooking supply abundance. For the love of corn, Amy, complete a project already!


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