Wednesday, January 20, 2010

handy manny, indeed

So, the other day Jo disappeared for a few minutes and when I went looking for him this is what I found:He got a Handy Manny tool set for Christmas from Papa and Marilyn (Thanks so much!!) just like the one he played with constantly with his cousin Tristan while we were out for the holidays. His fav one is Squeeze, the pliers, and he insists on finding him each morning when he gets up. However, Squeeze has these giant eyeballs on him which made it impossible to get Jo's full nose into the pinchy part so Jo went and hunted down his old pliers from a different set.
Not sure why he insists on squeezing his own nose over and over but, whatever, kid. And as soon as I started laughing at him he started with the, "Take a picture, take a picture, show Daddy!" so who am I to say no?!

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