Monday, January 25, 2010


So, I mentioned a few posts back that we once again participated in the Great Photo Swap with Valerie and her family last Nov. After much whining and complaining from the menfolk we got everyone dressed and out to the giant stumps to sit and smile. Above is the fantastic final portrait that now hangs in our front room, but I'd like to show you what happens when you're two and not concerned with how long the family has to wait for you to smile.
First, you ponder the candy your mom gives you to bribe a stand-still out of you: Next, you swallow wrong . . . yes, stuff still goes down the wrong pipe all the time . . . and decide you're choking on the candy. "If I throw up do I still have to stand still?" :Then, the choking subsides and the crisis is over. However, any kind of gagging/coughing immediately triggers a sneeze for you so you let loose a doozy:
But you hold onto that candy, no matter what! : Thus endeth the episode, and while you've just had your tiny world completely rocked, you manage to hang on to the candy!
God bless the people at Canon who decided that the EOS 20D camera needed to be able to shoot 8 frames per second!
Now, if we were to go to a different pro photog . . . who's not one of my close friends . . . I wouldn't even know these delightful shots existed because I'm sure they'd be culled out of the final proofs. But with our system, I get to see all of them and yay, what a find! I get teased all the time by my fam that I take way too many pictures at each photo session - but for a scrapbooker like me, these are golden and so worth the room they take up on my hard drive.
I think there's a flippy-book in here somewhere . . . .

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sinkthis said...

8 frames a second?!? JEALOUS! Very funny, tho:)