Wednesday, January 13, 2010

soccer girl

G's first game was great! She whispered to me before the game, "I think I'm a little nervous about playing tonight" but once we arrived and she got out there with her team she was fine.

Of course they start with stretching. Then a quick warm-up drill. She got chosen for goalie to start the game . . . at their first practice she was the only one who actually stepped in front of the ball and stopped it with her body, making her coaches very happy. She didn't, however, like the red mesh goalie thing they made her wear. She did pretty well but kept mugging for the camera and they scored 2 goals on her . . . next time I won't bring the camera. They rotate the kids really well so they all get lots of playing time. After goalie they made her a forward and she did great.
Love that game face.

And she got right out there in the fray with the boys. Not sure if any of them realized they were all on the same team but at least they're all going the same way, right? All that running! She was exhausted afterwards and slept really hard. When it was time to get up for school this morning she wasn't interested . . . first time since the first day of school that she didn't bolt out of bed and start getting ready.
As I tucked her into bed last night she hugged me and whispered, "I want to play soccer every year!" I kinda get the feeling she liked it . . . .

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