Wednesday, May 23, 2007

baby shower pix

Here are a few pix from the baby shower Kendra and her fam threw for us. I had a blast! Like I said before, the theme was Calvin and Hobbes and you can see a few of the decorations in the photos. They found all the cartoons online and framed them for us to use in his room later. Funny thing about the building blocks . . . we told most of our church people what we plan to name the boy . . . or so we thought. You would not believe how many people didn't get that the blocks were his initials . . . Josiah Michael Anderson . . . they thought they were just ABC blocks. Then one lady said, "Hey, these are all the same letters. Are these his initials or something?" Awesome. The "Hobbes" (not an actual Hobbes) holding the punch bowl has been mine since I was about 11. I found him at the flea market in Albuquerque one summer . . . my parents gave my sister Krista and I each $1 to spend at the flea market . . . and before we went into the vendor area we walked thru the "mom and pop yard sale crap" area . . . I saw him sitting on a pile of old Mexican blankets with a strip of masking tape on his head . . . you guessed it . . . just $1. I grabbed him up and immediately wanted to buy him but my mom was worried that I'd get bored of him before the day was over and want to return him . . . but I didn't and he's been mine ever since. He's one of those puppets that you strap the arms and legs around your own body and "wear."
And the cake!!!! I loved it!!! I had to have several pix of it, and really didn't want to cut into it to serve it. I love how simple it was . . . just the gray and white. Kendra's brother and mom and sis-in-law spent the night before the party drawing the cartoon onto the frosting with pins or toothpicks. Then they went over it again in the frosting. Wow!

And of course, the obligatory photo of the loot. I have this same photo from Gennie's shower so I could remember what all we got from friends and family. Mostly we got clothes this time, which is awesome because we have most of the baby essentials that can be used again. The Lion thing on the left-hand side is actually the quilt/comforter for his bed . . . but since you aren't supposed to put thick bedding in the crib, we hung it over his bed as a tapestry-type wall hanging. I'll post pix of his room once we get the changing table painted, probably this weekend if the wind isn't too bad. I'd hate to accidently spray paint our neighbor's car.


Jered said...

Gimme a can of spray paint. I'll do it.

Bella said...

I love the cake! I wouldn't want to eat that masterpiece either!
When is your due date? I really like the name Josiah...that was one of the names we had picked out for a boy when we were pregnant with our first Sophia.
PS Don't give Jered the can of spray paint....he might start writing in Graffiti all the names of his loved ones...