Monday, May 7, 2007

gift album, again

So, it finally worked. Here's the photos of the gift album I did for our friends getting married in June. Her shower was last Sat. and was a blast. Kendra and I did the games and they turned out really funny. The shower was for the lady teachers that Shannon . . . the bride . . . works with at her school, plus those of us in home group together. For that many people we decided we only wanted 2 games so it didn't take too much time . . . and we wanted to give her plenty of time for opening presents. The first game we did was to have each person take a roll of toilet paper and tear off the amount they use on any given trip to the bathroom . . . and they had to be truthful . . . then they each had to make something for the rehearsal, wedding, or wedding night out of the TP they pulled off. We had everything from a bow for her hair and a g-string to an "elope-rope" for her to throw out her window and escape in the night . . . funny thing, she lives by herself so I'm not sure why she wouldn't just use the front door to escape . . . but that's not the point. They other game was a writing game . . . perfect for gradeschool teachers. We put a bunch of items on a tray and they had to break into teams and write a poem or story about the couple using the items on the tray . . . candy bars like "100 Grand" and "Oh, Henry" and Big Hunk . . . and a candle, a ring, a sparkplug, a box of pudding, etc. They were really creative so we are going to type the stories up and give them to the couple.

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