Thursday, May 31, 2007

car tags

The kids from our ladies' bible study this year. Not so many of us, but Gennie had fun playing with her friends every week. Anyway, just thought that every post should have a picture. :)

So, I've been sick again. About a week after he was over that stupid cold, Kev came down with some kind of throat/bronchitis thing. And since I was about a week behind him getting sick, I have it now. Needless to say, I haven't felt like doing much . . . but when does life take sickness into account? Had to go help my parents get the summer camp stuff done yesterday . . . went to the grocery store after that then home group last nite . . . and today I have to go to the DMV to pay for new car tags so we're still legal to drive. We waited until the last day to do it so I'm sure we're in for quite a wait in line but why should the DMV get our money one minute earlier than absolutely necessary? They have enough. But after that I'm coming home to collapse on the couch. Not that I'm really comfy anywhere but at least I can still keep an eye on Gennie from there. Thankfully she's been really good about entertaining herself with her dolls and stuff lately.

My next dr's appt is tomorrow . . . we're at every two weeks now. Sunday makes 31 weeks along. At the last appt he moved the c-section date to July 26 so we've only got 7 weeks to go. Funny thing . . . I'm not at all concerned with bringing a new baby home or sibling jealousy or anything that I should be concerned with . . . I'm DREADING that stupid spinal block needle. I've heard that the terrors of labor become less and less memorable as you get closer to having your next baby so by the time you go into labor you don't even remember the pain anymore. Well, congrats to you all who can put that out of your minds!!! I don't think I'll EVER forget the horrors of 8 TRIES to get that gigantor needle to squeeze into my spinal column . . . I am terribly tickleish in my back, right around the exact spot they have to stick the needle so they don't paralyze my lungs, etc . . . and every time the anestheseologist touched me I jumped a mile off the bed. He was soooo mad at me by the end that I think he was trying to think of something to give me to knock me out and just deal with the surgery with me out cold. I've been having dreams at night about it, I find myself thinking about it randomly during the day, I know I'm driving Kev crazy bringing it up. I'm probably not going to sleep much the night before we go in. I just have to keep telling myself that as soon as they do get the needle in, I have 30 seconds to lie down then my part is pretty well done, at least for a day or so. I just get to lay there and wait for feeling to return to my legs and try not to drop the little guy.

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