Saturday, May 19, 2007

So, not allergies afterall.

Yep, took Gennie to the dr and it turns out she has a really bad double eye infection . . . but we were right, it's not pink eye . . . and an ear infection to boot! She hadn't even complained about her ear until the dr asked if they hurt. From then on, of course, she had to hold her ear every few minutes and cry. Thanks, doc. Anyway, she's on eye drop antibiotics . . . which she absolutely HATES me putting in . . . and pink bubble gum medicine for the ear . . . same stuff Kev and I took as kids . . . I guess when you find something kids will take you stick with it even 20 years later. My dad says he remembers when there were only a couple kinds of antibiotics available and they tasted like a rotten spoonful of Dr Pepper. He still won't drink it till this day unless there's NOTHING else around. Thankfully she's no longer contagious so I can leave the house and run a few errands today. Unfortunately, Kev is also home with another version of the sinus infection he had a week ago. I picked up the decongestant that the dr gave him last week and he's been on it for 3 days now . . . with no relief. And, since it's a perscription, you can't take anything with it except Tylenol for fever, headache, etc. No Nyquil, no Sudafed, nothing. Needless to say, he's miserable.

So, I'm ready for this all to be done. We usually get some sort of cold in the spring when the weather changes for good . . . and again in the fall when it goes cold . . . but this is ridiculous. I'm running around with Lysol all this next week, and I'm going to get rid of these germs if it kills me! And I don't think it will since most people don't die from the cold . . . at least not since the 1900's. :)

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