Friday, May 4, 2007

I finished the gift album!!

yeah!!! One more thing finished. Now I just have to wrap it and give it tomorrow. I tried to post the photos of it but this computer is giving me crap today and I'm not in the mood to fool with it . . . I'll try them again another day. I was kinda timid about doing the gift album in the first place . . . I love scrapping and have tons of albums myself and love to look at them over and over . . . and so does Gennie . . . but I can never tell if others appreciate them as much as we do. So I asked around and thanks to all the advice (Thanks, Sam and Krista!) and encouragement I went ahead and made it for the couple. I did it so that they only have to pick out the pix they want to include and add them to the photo spots on the pages. No extra work, since they are both very busy teachers. It was a real stretch for me tho because I usually like to scrap around the pix . . . I pick out the ones I plan to use then build the pages around them . . . but since they don't have the pix yet I had to just pick a design and go with it. Hopefully it will all flow from beginning to end when it's finished. Funny thing, too . . . as soon as I finished it I came in here to check the email and I had a request from some church friends who have moved to TX but lived here when we first moved here. They had a grandson born the first year we were here and they had me make them a gift album for the new parents . . . it had one page for each month of the first year of the baby's life, starting with coming home from the hospital and ending with the first birthday. The parents just had to pick their favorite pix from each month and put them in the photo spot . . . very little work to do since you have so much to do as new parents already. Anyway, the request today was for another book, this time for their new granddaughter who was born about a month ago. Since I've been in baby scrapping mode myself a bunch lately I have tons of ideas and supplies for just such an album. All that to say, I guess people do still appreciate handmade gifts.

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