Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Silly Squishy Veggie Dough

Allergies are crazy this week. Gennie is apparently allergic to something in our area this year . . . she's going on three days of eye yuckiness. When she wakes up her eyes are stuck together - nasty! - and they've been flaming red, but only from the pupil to the outside. It's sooooo weird to look at! Thankfully it didn't come across too badly in this photo. We've been pumping in the children's Benedryl and she keeps falling asleep randomly. She actually took a 4 1/2 hour nap yesterday! We're pretty sure it's not pink eye . . . no swelling or itching and she has a runny nose to go with it and hasn't spread to any of us . . . I had pink eye in college and it didn't act like this at all. But because of all this I've been trying to keep her inside so whatever it is doesn't bother her even more. All of this to say . . . she's been playing with her playdough a ton! Since it's made by the Veggie Tales people they have to call it something different so it's Silly Squishy Veggie Dough.

She's been making all kinds of "spaghetti" and cookies and stuff and does pretty well at keeping the colors separated . . . try explaining to a 3 year old why you can't just moosh the whole thing into one lump and put that thru the squisher.

Last weekend was my baby shower for the boy. We had a blast . . . the decorations were sooo cute . . . and the games were fun! I'll post pix later when I get them all collected from everyone. Also, Kevin got the crib finished and decorated so now it looks like a baby room! We rent this place so we aren't allowed to paint which is a bummer but it still looks cute . . . and we won't be here forever so I can do all that home decor stuff later. We got all the presents from the shower put away or hung up so I'll post pix of that soon, too. Been kinda slow around here for posting material . . . now all of the sudden I have tons to say! Check back soon!


Jered said...

I had an epiphany earlier today. Andersons ... peas (in the) soup blog ...

Brings back memories from many trips via Santa Nella to SoCal.

Bella said...

Hey you guys!
I was able to meander over to you blog via Jered's Blog! So cool to see you! How are you doing!

So sorry about your sweet little Gennie! My daughter Sophia has allergies too and it so hard to watch them suffer!

Congrats on the new little boy coming soon! When are you due?

Hope all is well with you! You will have to click on my name and check out my blog when you get a chance. I am also on Myspace!

Luv, Laura