Sunday, May 27, 2007

birthday girl shoot

Busy week we had here. I haven't had a shoot for about 3 months and all the sudden I have two in one week. I did these Thurs. for her 1st birthday (which was last Sunday), then had a family shoot on Sat. I haven't gotten the fam ones post-processed yet so I don't have them to post on here but they will follow when I do. I just love the little white and red dress she wore for these. It looks like a vintage dress from the 30's-40's . . . one that my grandma would have made for my mom and her sisters . . . then made one for me to wear, too. I couldn't resist doing some in black and white, tho, since that's really my favorite genre. I would do that exclusively if I thought anyone around here would buy them. But like my dad says, for years and years people couldn't get pix in color so why would they go back to that when they can have pix in color? Can you tell we kinda disagree on some photo stuff? :) Maybe I should just do a compilation of all my B&W stuff just for me. Some pix just look a hundred times better without all the distraction of color. And I love doing hand-colored prints, too. I used to actually color the photos with grease pencils . . . before I went digital . . . and that took forever and made a huge mess. Thank you, Photoshop! At first I swore I would never go digital because manipulating an image "wasn't real photography." Then my dad got a digital SLR camera and let me play with it . . . and I've never gone back. My film camera is back in its box, waiting for me to decide what to do with it. I still like the excitement of the darkroom . . . swirling the photo paper in the solution and watching as the picture forms before my eyes . . . but that was a ton of work and I just can't see that as being a good use of my time when I could be enhancing them on the computer and sending them off to be printed at the lab. I only make about $0.25 an hour now with what I charge clients for my family shoots . . . after I put in all the prep work and post-processing . . . so I can't imagine I would be bringing in anything at all if I was still developing in the darkroom. "I'll never go absolutely digital!" So much for absolutes!

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eagleton4 said...

These are such beautiful pictures! I wish we lived closer so you could take my kids'. Kiley didn't like the Sears lady, but I know she'd smile for you. :) Great job Amy!