Tuesday, July 31, 2007

And then there were FOUR!

Well, I've rejoined the land of the living! Kev did a great job getting the first photos on here for all to see, but says now that I'm home I can have that job back. :)My parents came up to the room every day to hang out and bring Gennie so we had to have photos of them with the little guy! Gennie wanted to wear her scrubs from Halloween so she could look like all the nurses and she was a big hit! Everyone who saw her made a big fuss over how cute she looked and the floor nurses just loved it! She was really proud of herself.

My sister Krista and her husband Joey surprised us on Fri morning by showing up at the hospital! I didn't get a chance to talk to her on Thurs because she called just as I was gagging all over myself . . . not the best time to get on the phone . . . so Kev told her I'd call her the next day. She called instead and said she had a great surprise for me. I asked what it was and her stupid phone went dead! I kept saying, "are you there?" and shaking my phone . . . as if that makes it work better . . . and they walked into the room! I looked at her with complete confusion for a few minutes because I thought she was one of the nurses, then screamed at the top of my lungs! What a fabulous surprise! They stayed until Mon morning then had to drive back to RDG for work.

We're all doing well so far and I'm healing much faster this time than last. I got my staples out yesterday and unfortunately the doc discovered that the outside layers didn't line back up straight so he had to "pull apart" the skin and reposition it to line up. Sorry for the graphic-ness of this but imagine how I felt laying there having him pull open the incision with no pain meds! He said it was necessary tho because if they didn't line back up correctly I would have a slight hunch to that one side until the skin stretched itself and that could take forever! Anyway, I'm doing pretty well . . . Go Pain Meds!!! Kev's mom and stepdad are here this week to help out so we'll have photos of them with the kids . . . wow, "the Kids" . . . that looks funny on here . . . realization just hit, I guess . . . to post later.

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Bella said...

What a fabulous surprise! Okay, I just realized that your sister is married to Joey Brown. I saw them all a few weeks ago in Red Robin celebrating birthday. Brownie (Jeff) was being there waiter. I think it was Krista's birthday???
Kara was about to Pop! Wow! small world....
Glad to hear you are doing well Mama! Not fun with the staples. Been there and will do it again in a couple months. Woo hoo! Hugs to you and the family!