Tuesday, June 19, 2007

33 down, 5 weeks to go!

I promised my friend Nichole that I'd post another photo of me so she could see the baby progress. When she was preggo she was really diligent about sending "belly update" pix every 4 weeks up to the end so we could see her progress. Well, I haven't been good at that at all so I have to make up for it now. We had another dr appt last Fri . . . everything is still going great. The doctor is still holding out for July 26 as our date . . . unless I happen to go into labor before that. He said that the bigger babies actually take longer to develop their lungs than the scrawny ones so he doesn't want to pull him any sooner than 38 weeks unless the boy decides he's done on his own. He's still planning another ultrasound around 36 weeks to give him an idea of how big this little guy will be at birth. Everything else is just as it should be apparently so we'll just take it easy and keep waiting.

Gennie gives him a hug before nap time and bed time every day. She has been doing it almost since we found out about him. She also thinks that my belly button is the portal with which to speak to him . . . she often yells into it to tell him all the important things she's doing that day. I think we're going to make a paper chain to count down the days until he's supposed to get here so she has a more tangible way to count it instead of by days and weeks since she really has no concept of time. I can still stretch "in a minute" to an hour if I need to.

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