Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gennie's new pool

Gennie got a new pool! It's huge for our little yard but she loves it. We were looking for one for her because she popped her old one at the end of last summer . . . at least it was at the end, not the beginning . . . and found this one at WallyWorld. This one is supposed to be an animal park, complete with waterslide, ball game, kiddie pool, ring toss, and palm tree that showers you from its top.
As you can see she had to have all the stuff in it with her at once, but then decided it was too crowded so she stacked all the toys in the kiddie pool section. She says Josiah can use that next summer when he's old enough.

And she thought the ball toss lion made a great hat . . . she didn't get many of the balls in its mouth so she gave up for now.
I think the best thing about summer is swimsuit colors. Gives me plenty to play with in Photoshop, popping the colors and stuff. I think I need to figure out how to keep the skin tones normal, tho . . . she looks a little sunburned and I assure you she's not. For a 3 year old, she has become the sunscreen Nazi. She refuses to go outside without it . . . and knows that SPF 50 is better than 20, etc. I shouldn't complain, tho . . . at this altitude it only takes a half hour or so to burn to a crisp, and I don't normally burn easily. I guess 6000+ feet really is closer to the sun . . . :)

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