Thursday, June 14, 2007

some pix for no reason

Can you tell Gennie likes watermelons? Actually, she can't stand the taste of them but she loves watermelon stuff. We found this shirt at WallyWorld and couldn't pass it up for $3. Would you believe it's a size 6/6x? I'm sure it will shrink the first time I wash it so I wasn't too worried about it being a little big to begin with, but it fits her pretty good already. I had out the measuring tape the other day so she wanted Kev to tell her how tall she is . . . 42 inches already, and she's only 3 1/2. Her last dr's appt said she weighs 38lbs. Every year they have "Kindergarten Round-up" at the elementary schools here . . . it's like a preview day for all the little kids so they can see their classrooms and meet some friends before school actually starts for them. Kev had to go help with computer stuff and he said as he watched the parents bringing in their little guys, he realized that Gennie is as big or bigger than most of the kids who will be starting Kindergarten this fall. I have to be careful when I go put of ads for the photo biz at the schools because they think she is out of class.

And this is a picture of her new hat. Her friend Chloe's mom sent us pix of Chloe in one like it and Gennie went thru my crochet pix and found one like it for me to make for her. I think I'd like it better in another color but she wanted purple so, whatever. She also got to go thru my button bottle and pick out the button for the center of the flower but you can't see it here. She already has plans for other hats she wants as soon as I get some other projects finished. I hate just sitting and watching TV in the evenings . . . feels totally unproductive and I swear my hands have ADD . . . so I crochet. I think I would have loved being in the early days when radio was all you had for entertainment . . . I can't tell you how many movies and TV shows I have just listened to as opposed to watching. If I happen to see the show later I'm always amazed at who was in it.

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