Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy birthday to my mom! She almost always has to share her birthday with Father's Day, but since we don't do any big hooplah - usually just dinner out - for the dads, she got to pick where we went for lunch after church. Since our options are limited here, she chose Cruel Jack's . . . it's actually a truck stop/restaurant but they have really good food. The service yesterday was crappy because I guess they didn't expect much business for Father's Day and were bombarded with customers . . . they're down to one cook for the whole place and our waitress kept telling us that the dishwasher is the slowest person on the face of the earth. But the food was still great and usually they do just fine serving so we'll let this one slide. They give you a HUGE slice of cake for birthdays and make you wear this enormous cowboy hat . . . and usually they take a polaroid for their bulletin board . . . but apparently they ran out of film for the camera . . . glad I happened to have mine with me. I'm sure that if it wasn't her birthday we never would have gotten a photo like this of her. :) Happy Birthday, Mom! And many, many more!

After we ate Gennie desperately wanted to ride the horse. Since she actually let us put the money in and stayed on it I thought we should have a photo . . . any other time she's been horribly scared by the mechanical rides and wants to just sit on it, not put the money in. But a little kid had ridden it before her and she saw how it wasn't that scary so maybe that's why she was brave today.

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