Monday, June 25, 2007


So, we were driving to worship team practice on Sat evening and saw this. Cracks me up! I've seen him up there on other occasions but finally had my camera in the car with me so I could get this. These peoples' house is 3 stories . . . well, two and the basement, as are most houses in GR . . . and apparently the balconey from the second floor on the back side is just the right height that he can hop over the rail and get out onto the garage roof. He suns himself during the day, then cools off in the evenings. He was very interested in me and my camera, but as soon as we drove away he went back down.
Just a fun photo for a boring Monday morning. Enjoy!

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Bella said...

Smart & Talented Dog! He knows how to keep his eye on the neighborhood happenings while basking in the sun or cooling down in the evening. Now, if he could speak or write, the family would know all of the neighborhoods business....that would be an interesting story.