Monday, June 11, 2007

After a busy weekend

Wow, we made it thru! The first shower was a blast! Valerie and Jared got some really cute stuff . . . a ton of clothes but also some fun, unusual stuff too. I took a picture of one of the gifts because I will probably do one for each of our kids and use the idea for shower gifts in the future. It was so cute . . . called a CAN't let go. It came with a great little poem to direct what kinds of things you put into it . . . the hat they give you to come home from the hospital, first shoes, hair from the first haircut, etc. And the whole thing is the size of a regular paint can so it doesn't take up too much space, which Kevin will love. Anyway, it was a great shower.

Afterwards, I ran home to get the last minute things done for the camping couples shower that night. It turned out well, too! Most of our church family came and the couple got lots of fun camping stuff. Funny tho, they didn't get a tent. I thought for sure someone would get them that. The s'mores and trail mix were a big hit and clean-up wasn't too bad . . . since we had to set the church up for services the next morning, most of the guests stayed to help put the room back together and it went really fast! I didn't get any pix of the event tho because the bride's father was snapping pix like crazy and I figured the couple could get their mementos from him and that was one less thing I had to do this time. All in all it was a great weekend, although busy, and now that those events are over, all I have left to do this summer is co-direct Vacation Bible School July 9-13 and have a baby. Then I'm done! Well, hee hee, I guess "done" is a relative term. Hopefully those two things won't overlap . . .

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Bella said...

I love the can idea too! Cute!

"And the whole thing is the size of a regular paint can so it doesn't take up too much space,"...(UNLESS, you have 10 kids! Ha ha)

Wow, you are amazing to be doing this all right now and carrying a baby....I am exhausted just reading about it. Well, at least you are keeping busy while waiting for baby to come!